PEACE OUT YOGA Level 2 | Peace out Yoga |

This PEACE OUT YOGA Level 2 class will be a playful, dynamic and, most importantly, fun Vinyasa Flow class. It will incorporate elements from Jivamukti and Ashtanga Yoga, brought together in a creative Vinyasa sequence that will include twists, balances, forward folds and backbends in a balanced way. This class will focus on breath, bandhas and drishti to lead us through the sequence and enable us to challenge ourselves in a playful and loving way. We will be moving and breathing. Maybe we will sweat, maybe we will wobble, maybe we will lose balance, as we attempt some take-off poses. But through it all, we will approach the sequence with lots of fun and laughs – flowing from a nice, slow warm-up, through to the peak poses, flying, and then smoothly landing all the way back down to savasana. And always remember, it’s yoga, it’s fun and we’re all in this together.



Level 2


Über Kim

Passions: Handstand & Armbalancen / spielerisch Vertrauen aufbauen / Atmung, Bandhas, Drishti / smile, it’s Yoga! / dynamische Flows – manchmal traditionell, manchmal kreativ