The Rocket® is based on the traditional Ashtanga series in that it has a set sequence with core poses but leaving freedom for creativity. The Rocket® I is based on the Ashtanga Primary Series, where the standing sequence is practiced first on the right and then the left side, followed by the seated sequence. The Rocket® provides students with the opportunity of learning to fly and move out of their comfort zone in a safe and playful manner, teaching non-attachment to poses. In this Rocket® class, we will warm up with the traditional sun salutations, move through the standing poses of the Ashtanga series and find grounding in seated forward folds. In the process, we will playfully challenge ourselves with arm balances, such as bakasana, and go upside down if we feel like it. Smoothly flying and landing The Rocket® ship.

Language: English


Level 2


Über Kim

Passions: Handstand & Armbalancen / spielerisch Vertrauen aufbauen / Atmung, Bandhas, Drishti / smile, it’s Yoga! / dynamische Flows – manchmal traditionell, manchmal kreativ

Passions- handstands & armbalances – building confidence while staying playful / breath-bandhas-drishti / smile, it’s yoga! / dynamic flows – sometimes traditional, sometimes creative.